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hey im bruce. im 19 years old and i live in park rapids minnesota.i do body piercings at Red White and Blue Tattoo in Backus minnesota

my mods.

16g eyebrows x2
14g labret
6g tongue
9/16ths lobe
0g lobe
14g nipples
14g frenum

flames on left wrist
cross,clover,claddagh,skull with guns, and a spiderweb on left arm
castle, graveyard, demons, bats, sun, lots of skulls on right arm
koi fish on my right shoulder
elmo on right calf
pierced buddha on left calf

 3 days later    2008-05-08 13:36:41 ET

kind of a blurry pic but my camera is at the tattoo shop and im too lazy to drive right now haha
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 wooo bad day today    2008-05-06 14:49:18 ET

im staying away from chicks around here apparently they all have bfs haha

 sjdhgkjdfhkghk wtf    2008-05-03 06:14:08 ET
well last night sucked. gf broke up with me cause she was "stressed" never heard that fucking one before. anyhoo i just rolled my ass out of bed, im going to head to the tattoo shop to hurt some people :D then get wasted later on :P

 work tonight :(    2008-04-14 13:13:16 ET
well i dont really feel like working tonight as im hung over as someone should go for me :(
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 blah    2008-04-11 06:46:25 ET
just rolled my ass out of bed and im getting ready for the casino. then idk what, i might get drunk haha :P