2005-12-06 09:55:12 ET

today is just one of those days i could really do without being at work

i dont like the fact that xmas is approaching so quickly. its sad but most of my friends/family knows that my gifts will come to them in the new year as i'm commpletely fucking broke. i feel bad, but its been taking me a long time to get caught up on my finances.
I'm so glad the boyfriend is paying for my busticket to spend the holidays with him and his family and his little girl.

I think after work, i'm heading to the gym. a good workout for a couple hours if i have the energy will make me feel a thousand times better.
that being said, i've been absolutely exhausted and i dont know why.
they took me off early morning shifts and put me on afternoon-night shifts next week. like 3-11 type deal. that'll be better, but will suck at the same time.

oh well. money's money.
I need a hug, dammit.
and a glass of wine. ;)

2005-12-10 11:25:29 ET

I feel your pain. Just want to get out of this place.

2005-12-12 10:18:45 ET

you should have been at la xmas party. it was fun watching all the supervisor type people completely smashed! i wish i had my camera!!

2005-12-12 10:46:32 ET

I'll bet! Who was the craziest TL?

2005-12-12 13:52:47 ET

it was totally Miranda. i didn't see any TL's get totally smashed, but Miranda was effin HAMMERED. anniahlated if you will!
she was falling all over the place by 9!!!

2005-12-13 07:42:43 ET

Nice. I'll bet she'd be hilarious.

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