2005-12-07 06:41:19 ET

3 caffeine pills
2 ephedrine
1 bigass jolt cola

this really really can't be good for me. but i'm absolutely exhausted.
my bloodsugar levels are normal (even after drinking the jolt)...god i hate being diabetic.

they've been screwing around with my work shifts lately. they keep me at the same type of shift for a week at a time, but they really like to mix things up week by week and its really fucking with my body. boo to that.

otherwise, things are great. looking forward to seeing lee and skyler (boyfriend and his daughter) in a couple weeks.

my work xmas party is this saturday. my room mate is coming with me. should be good times. Interesting times, at least.
i'm starving. lunch in 20 minutes. other than that, my new hat rocks.

2005-12-21 09:05:52 ET

of all the drugs ive taken caffine and other legal stimulants make me feel the most strung out.

2005-12-22 03:03:09 ET

i'm starting to realize this. i felt like crap as soon as it was even remotely starting to wear off.

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