Friday!...again (sigh)
2006-05-12 16:45:39 ET

So every friday my husband goes to his role-playing game from about 6pm until 12 or sometimes even later then that. I dont mind him having fun and being with his friends I guess it is just the fact that he is gone all the time (well thats how it feels). I really does suck but nothing I can do about it right? oh well shit happens right.

2006-05-12 17:06:49 ET

Welcome to Subkultures

2006-05-12 17:20:09 ET

Hello and welcome *does the happy dance* OH YEAH OH YEAH

2006-05-12 18:11:21 ET


This place is too great for words.

2006-05-12 18:19:06 ET

Shit happens.

2006-05-12 21:21:17 ET

Hey guys I really like getting great messages right off the bat. Hope to make friends and I hope that the wish starts with you guys.

2006-05-14 18:10:59 ET

Welcome =)

Mind your extremities!

(I'm lait, I know, shutup)

2006-05-14 18:13:45 ET

Your lateness disgusts me.

Also the fact that you can't spell late disgusts me.

2006-05-14 18:15:19 ET

there, I re-spelled it 'lait' JUST to piss you off more

2006-05-14 18:16:39 ET

*shoots you*

2006-05-14 18:17:41 ET

*hobbles around bleeding*

2006-05-14 18:19:09 ET

DAMN! I wasn't actually trying to hit you...

2006-05-14 20:21:46 ET

To late now. just time to shot back right? lol!

2006-05-14 21:00:20 ET

both of you just be quiet and call an ambulance while I assess the wond and try to stop the bleeding!


2006-05-14 21:31:35 ET

Haven't you heard?

I drive the ambulance.

GET IN!! ;)

2006-05-15 04:11:07 ET

I'm so late....

welcome to sk

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