should be First
2006-05-13 11:14:59 ET

Welcome.I am a college student at Itt-tech and at work I help 2nd grade teachers. I want to get into modeling for a while and adventually own my own nightclub. I am not sure where yet. I got married on 10, 31 2005 very happy. I have a kitten that just turned one. Her name is Ninja. I have 9 sisters (Kayla-Dawn, Samantha, Tierra, Tiffany, Jasmine, plus 4 dead sisters) and 3 brothers (Lee, Jermery, Derek) this does not count the ones my husband has. I grew up mostly on the bad side of town, but I have moved so many times that I guess you could say I grew up almost ( as it feels) every where. I feel I am a great people person and hope to do great in my life as I also want to help other do the same.

2006-05-13 11:23:42 ET

Wow what a big family. Sounds like you know what you want out of life, which means you will go far. Good Luck and Best Wishes. I am also a college student (even though I am older) feels good being in school and reaching for something that I want to do.

2006-05-13 11:33:55 ET

Even though I am going for web design and video game design I kind of want to try design in other people homes.

2006-05-13 11:38:26 ET

That sounds great, lots of money to be made there, Psychology here, Cognitive Behavior working with children mostly.

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