2006-05-13 18:02:35 ET

Well right now I am watching the Top Model Show .. I like it. I am not a thin or even skinny woman. I am not preppy not not very perky but when I watch some of the girls in the show I really believe that I could do better than some of them. Maybe one day it will be possible for me to try.

2006-05-13 18:18:11 ET

You are attractive. Give it a try.

2006-05-13 21:50:10 ET

Hearing you say it makes me feel good. I do want to be a suicidegirl, but lighting can make or break a picture has I have seen when trying. I have been trying to be a suicide girl since they took my application, about a year ago. I am hoping that when I move the apartment will be more together for Paul and I to get lighting. Like shop lights or something. you know

2006-05-14 10:49:56 ET

hes not joking either. why not?
if its something you want, go get it.

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