so Mom
2006-09-06 18:53:30 ET

I found out that she was missing lots of water and was really dehidrated. To my knowledge she has had 3000 CC's of this water mix that they gave her and 1000 of those CC's she had to drink. I think she is better but my dad asked me to leave when he showed up so Paul and I could go eat or something. It was really nice to see them but not to much of a great way to do it, lol. Well thanks for listening.

2006-09-06 20:41:19 ET

hope your mom feels better asap!

2006-09-10 19:03:25 ET

Thank you very much, I like the fact that someone cares about someone elses pain.

2006-09-14 09:23:16 ET

you are very welcome :)

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