2003-07-17 07:50:32 ET

skipping work...changing around pictures....skipping work...bbbbuuuuaaahhhh i am so bad...i feel like i am in high school again skipping class or some shit...

we played with the flatliners last night. it rocked, but sometimes i hate matt (plays lead guitar in our band). he just pisses me off at times and i want to punch him.

the discovery channel owns yo.

2003-07-18 07:38:29 ET

when i skip work i have the "just cheated on my girlfreind" feel.

2003-07-18 08:38:48 ET

damn...and that is a good feeling? a bad one i hope...

2003-07-18 09:35:31 ET

no, it makes me feel all dirty and stupid!

2003-07-21 11:44:37 ET

where do u work?
i loved skipping work at my old job, did it every weekend.
but now i work at General motors for the summer and get paid 25 bucks an hour and get weekends off...so theres no point in skipping.
p.s. i love the new pics, they're fucking hot...im jelous. damn u! haha

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