2003-09-10 19:32:48 ET

recent works....from the past year...the stuff i shall make this year i hope will be very different from this...i have exhausted this vein i think...

2003-09-10 19:34:55 ET

i am scared TO DEATH of syringes... made my dreaming for tonight oh-so worthwhile.

lol.. beautiful creations!


2003-09-10 19:36:27 ET

wow, those look really neat. is that real hair on the last one?

2003-09-10 20:00:34 ET

yay! i like the people necklace. and the syringes.. that would look awesome as a belt.

2003-09-10 20:00:44 ET

whats the stuff on the end of the last one?

2003-09-10 20:13:07 ET

The syringe one is great! It cpuld make a really spiftacular pair of earrings

2003-09-11 08:42:43 ET

i thought the baby one was coral before i looked at it more closley

2003-09-11 08:49:44 ET

that bracelet it is awsome!

2003-10-05 15:17:27 ET

Wow, I'm really impressed.

I thought the baby one was coral too...what a great affect

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