2003-09-17 08:19:34 ET

wow...some looser that no longer exists on SK (nervouscircuits) send me a nice pm that said:

Wow, you are so PuNk RaWk. pfft lame.

hummm wow someone can't spell...LAMER.

why do you think i give a shit about your opinion? do you really feel so bad about yourself that you have to make an attempt to insult a person you don't even know? and you are such a pussy that you have to do it oven the internet. try again buddy...because you didn't do a good job.

2003-09-17 08:22:51 ET

yeah i dunno whats wrong with that kid. he sent me this:

"i want you take all of me inside of you"

i dunno what that means, but i'm taking it as a bad thing...


2003-09-17 08:28:02 ET

I used to hear that kind of shit so much from people--I guess after a while it just rolls of yr back. So many poeple think street-punks died out in the 80's and have no idea that there's still a scene around.

...and Skankin', ummm yeah that's gross if it means what I assume it means!

2003-09-17 08:33:16 ET

He started to troll yesterday morning so I kicked him off--I didn't realize he had PMed people as well.

Needless to say, this is why I'm so anal when it comes to account requests!

2003-09-17 08:41:08 ET

:'-(.. great.

m0x, how long was this kid on here before he started being dumb?

2003-09-17 09:02:35 ET

Gotta love random ass clowns...

2003-09-17 10:01:35 ET

skankin katbat: Only a day or two. His application was extremely coherent and well-written, so either he wrote it just to get on and then troll, or he just flipped.

As always, if you ever receive something that you think is strange or inappropriate let me know ASAP and I'll solve the problem. I like SK to be the one place you can come to that isn't a wasteland like the rest of the Internet...

2003-09-17 11:55:58 ET

by chance was the name murder one?

2003-09-18 04:21:40 ET

yea i got the samething with

"when your boyfriend leaves you i'll be here"

i was like wtf??

2003-09-18 13:40:51 ET

yeah this kid has problems...i am glad he has been expunged.

2003-09-20 21:34:07 ET

Killer diction.

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