2003-10-05 14:25:46 ET

i have been having these terrible awful dreams lately...they always end very violently too...they are making me sad...and making me worry.

2003-10-05 14:32:50 ET

I've been having similar issues, but I just assume I'm watching too much Late Nite Movie Madness, or eating one too many burritos.

2003-10-05 17:06:04 ET

well...i do eat a lot of burritos...maybe that is it...

2003-10-06 02:17:42 ET

Well, just remember that dreams can signify subconscious thoughts and feelings, but in the end, they are just dreams. Nothing to let yourselfworry about too much.

2003-10-06 21:18:32 ET

burritos don't help, try reading before bed, maybe you'll just have crazy dreams about what you read:)

2003-10-07 05:17:10 ET

*hug* what's the dreaming about?

2003-10-12 16:57:10 ET

if your dreams are not vivid and clear, and or just very hard to understand why the things in them are happening......

try and eat about, 2 or 3 banana's before you go to sleep....potassium will trigger your dreams to become more vivid

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