2003-10-13 06:27:20 ET

here are the 2 we finished....strongsad and homestar...more to come


2003-10-13 06:29:37 ET

"holy crap"

2003-10-13 06:36:07 ET


2003-10-13 07:14:32 ET

one year i had siamese twin pumpkins, it was great

2003-10-13 15:43:33 ET

those are very cool.
now i want to carve pumpkins.

2003-10-13 20:26:47 ET

ahhhh very nice, hey how do you post pictures in your journal entry????

2003-10-15 07:25:54 ET

holy shit,batman!

Those rock my pants!

2003-10-15 07:45:59 ET

hahha those are awesome!!

2003-10-16 13:48:42 ET

oh man! are you sending pictures of those to the website!! b/c you soo should!!

2003-10-17 20:07:01 ET

i guess i should send in the pix....i shall do it when i get back home on my comp. :):):):)

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