2004-01-29 12:04:34 ET

i think i have decided to grow my hair out. i need a vacation from the hawks. i need to do something to make myself feel a bit more pretty...and maybe that will work.

2004-01-29 12:10:45 ET

I'm in the process of growing my hair out. It's going. At least my hair grows rather fast.

2004-01-29 12:15:28 ET

I think you are fucking gorgeous with your hair the way it is now though =) good luck

2004-01-29 12:28:27 ET

Hawks are way too much work--good when you have the time but otherwise they're sort of for kids. Although, there is little sexier than a girl with her hawk down--don't know what it is about that...

2004-01-29 12:45:54 ET

I agree with blacbloc.....

....and I myself have busted a nut just seeing those girls walk down the strip at 2 in the afternoon.

2004-01-29 13:45:29 ET

growing hair is the best.... i want hair down to my ankles one day.

2004-01-29 14:03:36 ET

but, they are so pretty...

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