2004-02-17 11:32:59 ET

i cut bangs. lookie:

now i need to decide if i should cut side hawks out of the long sides and have tri-hawks again....or grow it out for liberty spikes.

in other news...vexed shows. come dammit:

Saturday, Febuary 21st
@ Da Bassment (house show)
701 boston ave
Des Moines, IA
7:30pm $5
the veXed
the blackouts
suburban scum
the creepy kids

Saturday, March 6th
@ The Spitfire
1717 w. 9th KCMO

the veXed
suburban scum
no compliance

2004-02-17 11:38:14 ET

I think you should go Liberty...just for a change of pace maybe....either'll be hot.

2004-02-17 12:46:49 ET

liberty spikes on girls is hot
my g/f used to have that a few years ago it was wicked

2004-02-17 17:12:05 ET

Indeed. Liberty spikes. Most definately.

2004-02-18 03:13:05 ET

that is what i have been thinking...

2004-02-18 08:18:11 ET

Stop thinking and start doing!

2004-02-19 14:57:47 ET

yowzaz, hot

2004-02-19 15:16:50 ET

hmm yeah the bangs are workin! you can cut the sides shorter but whatever you decide will still look good because also when the sides are down.. they look nice. I just cut the sides off of my tri ..they were annoying me.

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