2004-02-25 19:58:25 ET

god fucking dammit.

2004-02-25 20:02:53 ET

I concur.

2004-02-25 20:07:30 ET

If "Dammit"'s a chick...I'd like to see the video


How's that for being a male pig?!

2004-02-25 20:53:18 ET

well put.

did you know you were born on bastille day? and *oh jeez* so was i.

2004-02-26 07:39:50 ET

haha yeah.

wow...most people do not know about bastille day :)

2004-03-01 20:20:37 ET

someone told me when i was about 6, exept they didnt tell me what it was. i figured it out for myself someyears later.

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