2004-05-02 21:38:45 ET

the vexed and the blackouts still need help with shows for the tour. if the show has been booked it says so. if it does not say it has been booked, we still have nothing confirmed. please help us for the love of god or whatever.

st louis MO thursday, july 15
Chicago IL friday, july 16
milwaukee WI saturday, july 17 (booked)
detroit MI sunday, july, 18
indianapolis IN mon, july,19 (booked)
cleveland OH tues, july 20
pittsburg PA wed, july 21
washington DC thursday july, 22
philadelphia PA friday, july 23
NYC saturday, july 24
albany NY sunday, july 25
boston MA monday, july 26
providence RI tuesday, july 27 (booked)
passaic, nj punknite weds. july 28th (booked)
columbus OH thursday, july 29
troy, OH friday july 30

please please please help.

2004-05-02 21:53:58 ET

for dc-
click on shows- then venues
those are some of the local (dc/md/va) area "clubs"
there are a few more i can give you the names/numbers/websites of if you need them.

2004-05-14 18:05:34 ET

thanks :)

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