updated tour info.
2004-06-05 11:47:36 ET

here is the stats of the booking...

joplin MO thursday, july 15 (booked)
Des Moines, IA friday, july 16 (booked)
milwaukee WI saturday, july 17 (booked)
detroit MI sunday, july, 18
indianapolis IN mon, july,19 (booked)
cleveland OH tues, july 20 (booked)
pittsburg PA wed, july 21
washington DC thursday july, 22
philadelphia PA friday, july 23
NYC saturday, july 24
albany NY sunday, july 25
buffalo, NY monday, july 26 (booked)
providence RI tuesday, july 27 (booked)
passaic, nj punknite weds. july 28th (booked)
somewhere in OH thursday, july 29
chicago IL friday july 30 (booked)

still some blank dates. sigh. oh well.

i was laied off from work tuesday...and thursday kyle got fired from his job.

life is grand.

2004-06-05 12:04:04 ET

I see no California dates.

2004-06-26 16:26:55 ET

damn, seems like everyone is losing their jobs lately. i got laid off a month ago and they still havent sent my paychecks, and they wont return my phone calls. bastards.

2004-07-07 14:05:08 ET

that sucks. jobs suck.

we are doing CA next summer :)

2004-07-10 21:05:26 ET


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