i just don't know what to do
2002-07-09 15:36:42 ET

i can't decide if i should keep my hair the way it is (trihawks) like it has been for like 3+ years now....or grow out the shaved parts and have liberty spikes (and really girly hait when it is down). i just can't decide what i should do...any opinions to help me decide. the shaved parts are now almost an inch....so i need to make a final decision what to do. i also want my hair to look half way decent for holidays in the sun........?????????????????????

2002-07-09 15:45:58 ET

wow, i thought you died on SK. haha.

you should........i like the trihawks personally.

2002-07-09 16:02:11 ET

i like the way it looks now. i say leave it. it looks really good on you.

2002-07-12 19:57:45 ET

go for the liberty spikes. you can always shave them back down if you dont like them.

2002-07-12 20:08:02 ET

i like the liberty spikes...hair decisions suck...

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