2002-07-12 17:03:21 ET

i am going to dallas tomorrow to visit family...i suppose it will be fun. i move to kansas city in 3 weeks. :)

2002-07-12 17:06:05 ET

heeee-ha :D

2002-07-12 17:12:10 ET

eep. Kansas. *hides*

2002-07-12 17:17:42 ET

No! Don't do it! We have no punk scene, no ska scene, no nothing! By the way, what part of KC you moving to?

2002-07-12 17:21:52 ET


2002-07-12 17:43:51 ET

i'm in topeka, and it's definately the boredom capital of the world...but kc's not that bad from what i've experienced, though Lawrence is the place i'd like to go...it has a ton of character, almost like a mini california..in fact, i'm going there tommorow..

2002-07-12 17:46:14 ET


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