long time...no entry
2005-07-30 21:24:19 ET

i forgot about this thing. so here i am. i read all my old entries and now i think i am a big retarded sad sack looser. hahahahaha. seriously....what the fuck is wrong with me???? bad chemicals in my brain. i should see a doctor about that because i am tired of being so sad all the damn time.

anyway. i have really fucked myself in the ass this time. everything is a mess. good news is i am not sad. robots don't get sad...but who am i kidding with that shit anyway? i have no clue how to fix this all. i broke it all really well this time.

2005-07-30 22:30:53 ET

eh, Could've fooled me.

Welcome back. Robots get sad, they just can mask it under copius amounts of oil.

2005-07-30 22:36:46 ET


2005-07-30 22:40:35 ET

Those poor robots. :(

2005-07-30 23:19:17 ET

2005-07-30 23:22:14 ET


2005-07-31 03:44:37 ET

Wondered if you were still alive.

2005-07-31 12:12:50 ET

well at least you are alive

2005-08-03 14:26:49 ET

meh, being alive could be a plus.

2005-08-03 14:42:25 ET

Welcome back.

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