2002-08-07 15:47:43 ET

i am in lawrence kansas now...the move was stressful and the town has not impressed me as of yet. i am bored and i know nobody. i shall sit at home and be bored with my cat, rwanda.

2002-08-07 15:48:51 ET

you should have moved up to north dakota!!

2002-08-07 16:13:20 ET

I told ya Kansas sucks!

2002-08-07 20:05:12 ET

moving anywhere sucks if you don't know anyone. although kansas sounds pretty sucking boring.
i hope things get better for you soon!

2002-08-07 20:05:46 ET

i actually meant to say fucking boring in that last post, but sucking boring works i guess

2002-08-08 13:12:53 ET

go out walk in town, your full of shock value and stuff

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