2002-08-26 03:34:01 ET

my school starts today.....i have class at 11:30 am.....maybe i should go back to sleep a bit.....

2002-08-26 03:36:09 ET

skool is fun

2002-08-26 04:02:53 ET

Good luck today.

KU, right?

2002-08-26 04:27:11 ET

don't sleep too much

2002-08-26 04:54:40 ET

Dont have too much fun! haha just kidding.

2002-08-26 11:48:09 ET

yup i am at KU....and i think i did sleep too much last night..oh well...now i am tired from walking from my apartment to school...from school down to mass street...and from mass street back home...i got my exercise for the day :)

2002-08-26 11:49:42 ET

exercise is good.... sleep is also good.

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