streets of tomorrow
2002-09-01 14:28:11 ET

went to work today...i like my new job...working in a record store is fun.

saw the riffs last night and they kicked ass. i get to see them 3 more times in the next 2 weeks too. i am such a lucky girl.

i am tired...and i have nothing really important to say.

2002-09-01 15:01:00 ET

I wanna go to a show so bad.

I gotta miss Flogging Molly tonight because of work >:(

2002-09-01 22:11:10 ET

dude sean, that sux.

2002-09-01 22:13:38 ET

F'real, Poo-ah ;)

I miss everything because of work.

2002-09-01 22:21:28 ET


2002-09-01 22:26:33 ET

Don't worry. Before long, I'll have some computer school under my belt and I can move to the East coast and go to all the shows.

2002-09-01 22:30:08 ET

fuck yea east coast.

2002-09-02 02:14:31 ET

Ack. This town doesn't even have a record store!

2002-09-02 03:04:08 ET


2002-09-02 07:52:00 ET

i could have gone to that show yesterday after i got off of work...but it is really not my cup of tea :)

working at a record store rocks.

2002-09-02 13:41:27 ET

Oh man, they had tea there?

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