2002-09-13 11:51:02 ET

i want to be in love again.

but i am not. i am just alone.

2002-09-13 12:16:36 ET

i hate feeling empty like that

2002-09-13 12:27:29 ET

join the club, haha. no one loves me. i just stand around like a piece of meat.

2002-09-13 12:34:14 ET

hahha girls just use u as a sex object??

2002-09-13 13:12:51 ET

Sorry to hear that, Kate. I feel your pain.

2002-09-13 14:41:57 ET

HAHAHA, i wish they did...but no, they do not. i am an ugly piece of meat. and not THAT kind of meat..just nothing. a big piece of nothing.

2002-09-14 10:25:39 ET

haha i was gonna say, what are u complaining about?
thats just about every guys dream to be used as a sex object!

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