k9 ate seven sick 5 year olds
2002-09-14 12:02:50 ET

damn i am bored out of my skull....

the man that lives above me is still loud as an elephant...

i have no make-up on...i look a mess, not even close to pretty today. went for a short stroll down on mass street. it is raining and the rain is calming. there was some high school marching band parade crap going on. i ignored it and checked my work schedule.

i have eaten too much today...and now i feel ill.

the problems are as follows:
one= too lazy and will never be more than that...frustrating, control freak, and far too shy.
two= i don't like you and you get on my nerves.
three= you live way too far away and are far too young...plus i have never met you in person and probably never will.
four= you live too far away and are you willing to even try? should i waste my time?
five= hahaha now that is a joke.

*in love with the idea of being in love*

bored and lonely.
i lied when i said i don't hold a grudge anymore...i am still angry.

2002-09-14 16:32:50 ET

What's that guy doing that's as loud as an elephant? Is it the walking or is he making elephant noises?

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