2002-09-14 22:04:47 ET

i need a vacation from my life. end of story.

2002-09-14 22:06:19 ET

I think Kansas has this effect on everyone.

I hope things get better for you soon, Kate.

2002-09-15 08:11:01 ET

hahah kansas has nothing to do with it...kansas may be my saving grace to be honest...i can hide in kansas...

2002-09-15 15:26:14 ET

Boy, Kansas makes me feel like this every day.

Then again, Lawrence is cooler than KCK.

2002-09-15 15:49:47 ET

lawernce is ok....i have lived in worse places...however i have no friends...but that is not different than anywhere i suppose

2002-09-15 16:13:30 ET

I'll be your friend. I told ya that ;)

We can hang out as soon as I fix my money situation.

Unless you don't want any wussie Rudy friends..

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