2002-09-21 07:11:51 ET

damn you. i hate everything now. i am about to head off to work. bah.

2002-09-21 07:14:50 ET

i love youre tattoos on youre arms. so fucking rad.

2002-09-21 07:23:00 ET

oh man, your hawk is awesome!!!

2002-09-21 07:43:18 ET

damn it... i wanted to say her hawk was awesome....

so ill do it anyway!!! Your hawk is awesome!!

2002-09-21 07:49:10 ET

it's unique. sexy as fuck to me

2002-09-21 08:57:24 ET

i tihnk shes hot as hell anyway, with the hawk or without it.

2002-09-21 08:58:37 ET


2002-09-21 12:40:16 ET

tha hawks and the tats are awesome, yup.

2002-09-21 15:28:18 ET

thanks everyone...that cheered me up a bit :)

2002-09-22 00:37:39 ET


2002-09-22 07:20:32 ET

mmm...hawks and tats.... good stuff....

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