2002-09-30 05:51:29 ET

i am about to go take a test that i am not prepaired for.

i hate graduate school.

should have just gotten a damn job.

2002-09-30 05:52:40 ET

im sorry. whats the test on?

2002-09-30 05:55:27 ET

Awwww Don't give up! You can do it.

2002-09-30 07:03:16 ET

what exactly is graduate school?

2002-09-30 07:07:36 ET

That's after you get your bachelors... When you work on your Masters Degree.

2002-09-30 07:10:41 ET

oh okay

2002-09-30 07:22:58 ET

buenosuerte...i agree on the job part, the really high paying after-you-have-a-college-degree jobs are for stiffs and suits.

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