2002-09-30 19:26:20 ET

must study more in advance....i am gonna go work on school stuff now i think.

2002-09-30 19:52:59 ET

LIAR!!! I told the same thing to myself last night. I ended up going to bed at midnight with no homework progress.

2002-09-30 19:58:17 ET

i get the highest marks in procrastination

2002-09-30 19:59:50 ET

I dunno tell... I bet I could beat you. I sit at my computer and don't eat even when I've been hungry for a good few hours.

I still don't know if thats stupidity or procrastination.

2002-09-30 20:09:11 ET

nothing is stupid once it has been recognized

but sitting at a computer usually (although not always) means some productivity. might not be production on the right product, but progress none the less.

i think pure procrastinators would have to sit in padded rooms and do nothing but sleep, making sure not to dream of anything.

2002-09-30 20:19:12 ET

But it seems like effort would be put forth into not dreaming of anything. Maybe, they just sit and passout and puting no effort into anything needed effort. So, they would passout, because some effort could be used to fall asleep.

2002-09-30 20:20:34 ET

...lots and lots of depressant drugs.

that might work, too

2002-09-30 20:21:22 ET

Well... there has to be effort to taking the drugs... Haha. I think I'm over analyzing this.

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