2002-10-08 16:57:09 ET

i saw sahara hotnights play last night and they were great.

you know....sometimes i just want to be left alone and i get the opposite...sometimes it is all of the wrong people and never the right ones...life gets complicated and sometimes i don't know what i want...sometimes i think i need a big change...sometimes i think it is far too late to change anything at this point (i am 24 years old)...i have realized a few things...i don't want a career in the arts...i already have a BFA and here i am working on my masters degree and i realize i have made what may be a mistake...one that i might be stuck with...but here i am having to design jewelry and attend classes...and i force myself to do it out of a feeling of obligation...or lack of something to do...played my guitar and bass today and realized how much i missed it...how much i miss a lot of things...i am wondering what the fuck i am doing in graduate school...i don't think it is the right place for me at this point in my life...i have dreams...but don't know where to start...i feel a spell of me being antisocial coming on...i need something...but don't know what.

2002-10-08 17:10:32 ET

youve gotten pretty far..i dropped outta school after the first week of 11th grade. Lets hope i have some sort of future..GED testing in march

2002-10-08 17:45:47 ET

at leat you got some kina plan in your head .
i dont now were the fuck im going or what i am doing.
what is it you want to do ?

2002-10-08 18:10:52 ET

what i WANT to do? sit around and do nothing for the rest of my life....or were you tlaking to kate

2002-10-08 18:27:34 ET

but my future is the same as yours right now .
im just waiting of rmy mom to die,then i claim the house.muahaha

2002-10-08 18:29:16 ET


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