sad but true....
2002-10-10 16:02:57 ET

dyed my hair.i needed a change....

the middle hawk is still side is green...the other pink....

feeling lonely today. i wish i had something....maybe sombody to love me for me the way i am, but i never seem to be good enough for anyone and i always end up hating myself over it. i think people just want to desrtoy me.

i wish i were better at conversation and did not always say the wrong things.

i miss what brandon and i had...that is a whole different story with a sad ending.

i need siome good friends here...some that i really have things in common with...

i should work on school work.

2002-10-10 16:09:31 ET

you hair is kick ass. Im sorry you are lonely. I always say the wrong now for example. well i hope everything gets better.

2002-10-10 16:11:54 ET

youre good enough for me. i have like the same problems when it comes to girls..always end up making a ass out of myself....lets do the nasty.

2002-10-10 16:14:23 ET

just ignore will...

<<i need some good friends here...some that i really have things in common with...>
i know how you feel

2002-10-10 16:17:02 ET

dont ignore will.....alison....lets do the nasty. yea....most of my friends are douch bags i know how you feel.

2002-10-11 12:34:49 ET

Looks fine to me. perhaps it's a matter of time... correction it is a matter of time. Not that i believe in fate or anything (fate is lame) but, you're to find someone, Right

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