2002-10-15 12:21:04 ET

why am i never good enough? why do i always fall short? i am starting to hate this very existence.

2002-10-15 12:51:31 ET

I get similar feelings all too often. The best I can tell you is that you're not alone and...well..the Templars said it best; "Stick to your guns and fight, fight to win."

2002-10-15 20:46:15 ET


the templars thing cheered me up a bit....i love the templars. i should go throw on a record...soon.

2002-10-16 15:25:13 ET

How 'bout now?

2002-10-17 12:32:41 ET

try to think positive. i know thats hard at a time like this, but try. u deserve to be happy!

2002-10-19 13:08:46 ET

i know exactly what you mean...

but the irony of life is that the second you're happy it makes up for all the shit that you go through.

it's weird as hell.

2002-10-19 21:05:09 ET

yeah that is true.....life is rather ironic....

and the templars did cheer me up....but now rose tattoo is keeping me very happy.

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