2002-11-06 16:14:41 ET

i feel like shit inside as usual. i have so much school work to do. i need to clean up and do laundry because my parents are coming to visit me tomorrow. it will be good to see them. i feel rejected as usual. i give the fuck up.

2002-11-06 16:21:27 ET

i hate feeling shitty and emo, but it happens. yer trihawk is fuckin great. i regret shaving mine.

2002-11-06 16:36:43 ET

oh well, who cares if you get rejected. at least you have cool hair, which is more than I can say for myself.

2002-11-06 18:17:57 ET

what's making you feel down? personally, i hate this town, i hate the people, i have an assload of shuff to do and i'm way stressed.

i know how you feel, i know life is shitty, and no amount of good hair will make you feel better, clearly, tho i must add, it is awesome as usual.

i dont know what to tell you. try and sort shit out one thing at a time so you dont just end up feeling worse.

i am no help, sorry, i tried.

2002-11-07 14:12:32 ET

haha, yeah. the hair compliments were said in hopes of getting her to feel happy. i'm lame, sorry.

2002-11-07 19:54:41 ET

thanks to everyone..i feel fucking great now :)
i should update one day when i am having a good day...i always update when i am at my worst for some reason. ack.

2002-11-08 05:16:03 ET

haha. i'm about to update mine and i'm sick..oh joy.

2002-11-08 05:42:20 ET

yea you should kate! we worry about you!

2002-11-08 10:23:01 ET

i agree.

2002-11-14 07:57:30 ET

ok.i am gonna update now....but i wouldn't exactly say i am at my best. oh well....one day.

2002-11-14 13:37:16 ET

haha. want some vodka?

2002-11-14 13:37:22 ET

haha. want some vodka?

2002-11-14 13:37:48 ET

oops..posted twice..

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