2002-11-15 12:55:34 ET

sometimes i feel like everyone hates me.

2002-11-15 12:55:54 ET

Well, that certainly isn't the case with me. :)

2002-11-15 12:57:27 ET

its all right every one hates me. fuck em

2002-11-15 13:10:27 ET

just think of it this way...there are so many other people out there that you don't know yet.

2002-11-15 13:13:50 ET

i dont hate you.

this is NOT a happy entry!!

2002-11-15 13:48:22 ET

i had that hating feeling earlier this week, but now i feel loved.

2002-11-15 18:17:09 ET

In the wise words of Master P, "Haters can only get this close to you; just gotta brush 'em off." Brushin' off the haters.

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