2002-11-20 15:53:11 ET

i think i need to get a game cube or ps2 to amuse myself so i don't spend so much time on the inetenet...too much drama. the guy i have a crush on does not like me. yes i need something to amuse myself and take my mine off shit.

2002-11-20 15:54:24 ET

I would recommend PS2 if you're really looking into getting one. :)

2002-11-20 15:55:37 ET

yea my brother bought a ps2...its pretty fun....the guy you like doesnt like you....he should have his dick put in a blender, blend it, then have to drink it like a milk shake.

2002-11-20 16:17:18 ET

mm, but the internet is so luscious...

2002-11-20 16:17:48 ET

luscious like youre lips.......i had to say that.

2002-11-20 16:19:05 ET

dont pollute other peoples journals will!

2002-11-20 16:20:49 ET

yea i know....my bad.

2002-11-20 20:11:01 ET

PS2 and Grand Theft Auto Vice City...

2002-11-21 07:45:07 ET

hahah i don't mind my journal being polluted by you fine folks at all. the blender thing sounds a bit harsh....the internet sucks and destroys lives and promotes psycho behavior...and maybe i will come play grand theft auto on thisplacesux's ps2.

2002-11-21 08:16:05 ET

yea, the new grand theft auto game is rad, my friend has it...its mad fun. yea.maybe the blender comment was a little harsh.

2002-11-21 13:10:37 ET

..you love the internet..

2002-11-21 14:43:30 ET

anytime ya wanna...let me know!!

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