2002-11-21 07:46:34 ET

i want to pierce my lip yo. in the center to keep myself symmetrical.

2002-11-21 07:54:59 ET

i had such a symmetry issue with my facial piercings {when i had them}...now it's the tattoos i am fanatical about keeping symmetrical.
for the longest time, i felt unbalanced when my right arm was half-sleeved, and my left was naked.
: /

2002-11-21 09:51:59 ET

hhahahah i always get the same thing...or almost the exact same thing tattooed on each side of my body....i am a freak about this symmetry thing....don't know why either.

2002-11-21 12:08:27 ET

do it do it!

i <3 mine.
it is fun.

2002-11-21 14:50:00 ET


2002-11-22 17:19:33 ET

right now i am all weirded out because my left arm isn't quite a half-sleeve. more like a quarter. and if i don't get it finished to my elbow soon, i may just start walking around at a slant.

2002-12-03 06:56:13 ET

it simple and pretty much painless. i did my own.

2002-12-11 11:35:17 ET

i also have symmetry issues...

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