2002-12-18 18:25:37 ET

been playing my guitar annoying the neighbors...band practice friday...i have 2 new songs....i hope the boys like them.

school is done for this semester. THANK FUCKING GOD.

would it make me a psycho to drive to st.louis on the 29th of jan.?...hahaha nevermind. i already know the answer is yes...but i don't take rejection lightly...at least i could look...i am sure i will never be lucky enough to touch again. sigh. god damn crush.

talked to ryan on the phone...our conversation ended like so:

ryan: i can't wait to punch you in the stomach.
me: and i can't wait to kick you in the balls.

hahaha. yes....he said he will punch me when he sees me in a few weeks since he has not seen me since september. violence in friendships....i just feel the love.

does this qualify as a happy entry???????

2002-12-18 18:58:25 ET

Whooooaaa mama.

2002-12-18 19:23:30 ET

hahhaha is that a good whooooaaa mama?????

2002-12-18 19:25:42 ET

very much so.

<johnny bravo>If I followed you home, would you keep me?</johnny>

2002-12-18 19:29:43 ET

hahahah sure...if you help with the rent and don't mind living with a few other punk rockers.

2002-12-18 19:30:13 ET

Sounds like a plan!

2002-12-18 19:36:36 ET

hahah ok..so when are you coming?

2002-12-18 19:42:04 ET

you so have the same birthday as me! ok yea july 14 1987 so its almost 78 but not really ok thats it...

2002-12-18 23:32:38 ET

any plans over your break??

2002-12-18 23:57:26 ET

heh- next time in the area (and I travel ALOT). ;-)

2002-12-19 10:09:25 ET

hahah now i feel old since you were born in 87 hahahah....damn...i started jr. high in 89 hahahah

no plans for the break...going to houston for one week...then back to the kc area.....

and traveling is good...i do as much of it as i can

2002-12-19 15:41:56 ET

Traveling keeps me sane.

2002-12-21 07:41:29 ET

ahhhh can i come too?

2002-12-21 11:20:34 ET

heh- road trip!

2002-12-21 13:46:34 ET

do any of you know of anything fun to do in seattle?

2002-12-21 13:47:10 ET

everyone can come...i am bored and lonely.

2002-12-22 09:10:25 ET

Seattle is great. Lots of venues, great sites to see, the Space Needle. Too bad everything's so fucking expensive.

2002-12-23 08:43:15 ET

yea i lived here for 9 years before i moved to oakland. so i dont really want anything too touristy. and yea everything is really expensive.

2002-12-23 19:05:53 ET

I always loved the wharf.

2002-12-23 20:09:21 ET

yea its nice there. i used to love the curiosity shop

2002-12-23 20:28:41 ET

Nasty food though. :-(

2002-12-23 20:34:10 ET

yea well duhhrr. lol it smells weird in there

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