2002-05-21 20:27:05 ET

tomorrow i will be going to a global threat........i hope the show goes okay (meaning no shit from the fat bitch patrol. i want new boots.

2002-05-21 20:30:55 ET

lol....fat bitch patrol

2002-05-21 20:42:15 ET

yeah.....a bunch of big reasons not to go out in houston.

2002-05-22 06:55:39 ET

New boots to kick the fat bitch patrol in the... Ouch!

2002-05-22 07:04:50 ET

I went to your website when you applied for an account.
I think you are wicked fucking cool.

2002-05-22 09:23:54 ET

a global threat is amazing.

2002-05-22 10:11:56 ET

i must say i love your hair, what are your secrets?

2002-05-22 10:34:58 ET

the secret is always rave 4 and a blowdryer.

2002-05-23 08:01:18 ET

Knox Gelatin and egg whites.

2002-05-23 08:20:01 ET

Fuck, I just use glue.

2002-05-24 06:28:13 ET

i use hairspray.........."rave #4" or "pump it up gold" and a blowdryer. it is very simple and won't screw up your hair like glue or knox.

2002-05-24 06:44:03 ET

Knox doesn't screw it up. It just smells bad.

2002-05-24 06:55:54 ET

Yeah, but so do egg whites.

2002-05-24 06:59:23 ET

Glue makes it look liek someone spoofed in your hair.

2002-05-24 07:02:32 ET

Better than some punks I've found that actually put their own cum in their hair.

2002-05-24 16:30:57 ET

knox can cause your hair to get dry and brittle. in some cases, this can lead to your hair breaking off. anyway...enough hair talk. it gets old and annoying fast.

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