houston is hot
2002-05-22 12:05:55 ET

i am waiting for little brittany to call....then her and big brittany will come over for me to fix everybody's hair before the show. it should be fun....i gave myself a fresh shave and cut as well so that my hawks will look nicer. okay...i am off.

2002-05-22 12:08:35 ET



2002-05-22 12:46:03 ET

your web page fucking rocks. Nice job Huston!

2002-05-22 13:58:42 ET

ahh so thats how you do your hair........*must kidnap brittany and big brittany*

2002-05-23 09:25:32 ET

Your hot, marry me?

2002-05-24 07:01:29 ET

It's all about the hair. You should be one of those ppl on tv that has a half an hour show where all they do is stand in front of a fan showing off their hair and looking sexy. I'd watch it if TV wasn't so goddamn evil.

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