after a long night of thinking...
2002-05-25 20:18:21 ET

...i have reached a conclusion. only drunk old large/fat drunk men or people at least 10 years younger than me hit on me. the only time guys of my own age talk to me, it is because they want to ask me about one of my "hot" friends or to tell me one of my friends is "cute." either they ask about shelley or one of the brittany's. other than my "hot" friends, the only reasons just about anyone talks to me it is for one of the following reasons:
1. my do i keep it up or it looks nice etc. (the latter is usually spoken by 12 year olds)
2. "katie, can you burn me a cd because i head you were the person to ask for stuff by __________ (insert band name)?"
3. to ask where to get random items of clothing such as boots, nice purses, skirts, etc.
so my conclusion is that i must be really unattractive or at least far inferior to my "hot" friends (not that that makes me mad at them at all because it does not, but it just gets to be a blow to the ole self-esteem when the reality of it hits home as it now has). i also must look like an information booth on hair, music, and clothes. my only purpose is to answer questions. other than that, i have no value as a person.

work was dull tonight, but i have also come to the conclusion that i will never forget how to thread a 35mm movie projector. the process has become a permenant part of my brain. i suppose that is my value as a person. i can thread a damn movie blind-folded. i guess that is better than nothing.

2002-05-26 08:03:45 ET

that sucks. because when you come to conclusions like that, you begin to believe them, and then the shit really hits the fan because you start blaming yourself and other people. i think youre really pretty, anyways, so i dont know why youre having any trouble. but maybe people are threatened by you or something. i dont really know you, so i cant say. :) anyways, hahaha, everyone should know how to thread a 35mm movie projector, its a valuable skill!

2002-06-02 13:04:23 ET

i have "hot" friends too! They can be a pain in the ass! I started realizing some of that crap too
like i have purple hair and everyone wants to know "how i did it" and its a simple answer really "umm...dye" ya but it sux when thats all they want to talk about
people never usually tend to think that maybe theres more past you, it doesnt end on your look

but who knows maybe people really are threatened for some reason that i cant tell but like scissor hand said i dont really know u
anyways knowing how to run a movie projector will help u with film for the rest of your life I'm sure :-D

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