2002-05-26 19:04:00 ET

i have realized how pathetic i am. i am bored out of my mind. i feel like i have no friends at all and that people don't like me, they only use me. i have been sleeping so much lately....i guess because i have been so depressed. it is like i don't even want to wake up in the mornings anymore because i hate myself and feel like i have nothing to look forward to. there is no joy in my life anymore. i am never happy anymore. i don't want to be here in texas any more, but i don't really want to move to kansas either. i don't know what i want...but not this. i can't even think straight anymore. my mind is always clouded and i guess when it boild sown to it...i just don't care. i have spent my life trying to make everyone else happy that i have made myself unhappy beyond repair.

2002-05-26 19:08:44 ET

Heh... I'm sorry. Although I feel the exact same way. I know where you're coming from. I know I want to get the hell out of the city I'm in also.

2002-05-26 19:17:50 ET

I think you are an incredibly talented person. I've been to your website, and I see what you are capable of.
I'm the same age as you, and in a similar position. Stuck in a (mostly, sans one person) friendless state, down and out...
But what to do? Would moving solve anything? Probably not, it's an expensive and life jarring option.
Do you work? You already graduated from school, right?
Time to focus on YOU, woman. No more trying to please others. Sit down, scribble out what YOU want and need.

2002-05-26 19:21:24 ET

i am in the exact sit.

altho i do nothing about it

don't be like me, and get out there and meet new friends or even just chill by yourself, try to learn your inner self.

i'm such a hypocrite.

2002-05-29 23:12:59 ET

the plague of the thinking man (or in this case woman)... i think we all get this way sometimes but i'm at a loss for how to defeat it, all i can say is that wasted youth is on to something...i hope you can find peace with in yourself...or at least identify that you don't want peace with in yourself...

and keep creating...i went to your site...your jewelry is amazing...

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