2003-03-29 21:36:08 ET

my stomach is killing me again...grrrrr.

i got a B on my russian art history midterm. i need to order more silver to make shit with. i hate school. i can't wait till summer vacation...i need a break.

i need to figure out what the hell to do with my life. grrr.

i think i might trim my hawk before bed...i need a fresh shave and i think i will take off like 2 inches....make it look healthier and not so ratty and thin.

2003-03-29 22:27:28 ET

i never really knew anyone that decided to do something with their life. they either spent their whole life trying to figure it out, or were already doing enough.

2003-03-30 14:52:08 ET

yeah...i need todo something. sometimes i feel like such a looser and it gets me down.

2003-03-30 17:35:06 ET

a b is great!
i finish school on apirl 24th...yay for college.
i think i;ve got my life figured out, a nurse in an old age home. except to be that i've gotta loose my piercings and coloured hair and shit. that sux that i have to change my apperance in order for me to help others. damn you society expectations, damn u all!

2003-04-01 20:28:59 ET

i saw a show once on TLC...like life in the ER or something like that...it was filmed on scene in real ER's with real shit...one of the ER nurse's had purple hair...but this was in LA...so you could do it...just not in a nursing home yo.

2003-04-03 11:47:45 ET

haha good advice yo.
hmmm...well im taking practical nursing so i dont think i can work in ER. i wish i could just look like this and be a nurse. i guess LA would let me have more choice in my apperance though. i got my hair cut the other day cause i bleached my hair twice in a day and it started coming out in clumps. i hate it now though cause she might as well have given me a mushroom cut. hah ah well. i guess it'll grow out and shit, i needed to cut that much off anyway cause it was dead to shit.

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