need to vomit
2003-04-27 18:45:47 ET

jesus...i ate way too much for dinner and now i want to vomit because it is too late. i will just drink a shit load of water...that should make me feel better. kyle made kick ass vegetarian sloppy joe's tonight, and i made french fries from potatoes...that is why i ate too much...we went to the grocery we have food. we usualy never have food in the apartment because we are fucking poor...and now i have no money again till next pay day in a week and a half. humph...i am sick of being poor. yuck want to vomit because i feel is evil. it makes you feel like my belly is all sticking out and i am super selfconscious about it. the sex i just had didn't even make me feel like i worked any of it off...but the sex was good because kyle rocks...or might i say we rock. i am sure we disturb the neighbors a on friday...some dude just walked into our was our fault for having the door unlocked...but kyle and i were about to leave for that lame ass fetish show...and we had just finished putting up our hawks...we were relaxing on the bed when we heard this guy come in. so i got upand walked in the room and i think i sacred the shit out of him, but then kyle walked in and i think he was all freaked out...he all "oh shit i am in the wrong apartment!" and i said "yeah you are in the wrong fucking apartment!" then i pretty much pushed him out, slammed the door in his face and locked the door. i know that was a bit rude, but i myself was a bit freaked out. crazy bastards walking into MY apartment. so i passed my firstyear graduate i am just waiting to see if and what my GTA will be next year. if i don't get one, i won't go to school because there would be now way in hell i could afford to pay $5000 a semester for it...i will be pissed if i don't getone because i was told i would be on scholarship the first year...and GTA the last two years. oh well...what happens happens...kyle is laying on the couch looking all cute and sexy with i think i am going to get water to drink and go cuddle and watchtv with him.

2003-04-27 19:37:39 ET

Everytime I come to your site, you're talking about vomit!

2003-04-28 07:38:02 ET

mummmm yes...vomit <3

2003-04-28 13:25:57 ET

I got vomit love!?


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