2003-04-28 11:03:39 ET

my nose hurts because i have this bag ass zit...and i never get them...yuck. i think we have band practice tonight...then we are going to a going away party for one of lyles friends at davey's. i need to write a paper and put together a presentation this weekend.

2003-04-28 11:12:02 ET

tooth paste helps dry it out but if you plan to pop it your best bet is to put really hot water on a towel and put it on the zit then when it pops by itself put a piece of ice and the redness and swelling should go down.

2003-04-28 11:18:45 ET

yes the toothpaste trick is always a good un'...i should have done that last night.

2003-04-28 15:16:59 ET


2003-04-29 10:10:33 ET

zits right above ur upper lip are the worst.

2003-04-29 10:11:21 ET

zits period and bad....mine usualy mean the aunt is coming to visit...ick

2003-04-29 10:15:51 ET

hahaha ah man, that must suck.
hope she doesn't come over too often then eh.
i used to have zits all over my face when i was younger, it sucked ass. i went on the pill and they just went away though. ta da! yea i had a shitty aunt who told me when i was really young that to get all my frekles off my face (cause i hated them when i was younger) that i had to scrub my face until they came off. that bitch made my face red.

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