2003-04-28 19:54:55 ET

2003-04-28 19:58:34 ET

my lord...you're so beautiful.

2003-04-28 19:59:21 ET

I know! *punk girl fetish!*

2003-04-28 19:59:41 ET


2003-04-28 19:59:56 ET

no problem chica...anytime.

2003-04-28 21:54:50 ET

you have an excellent sence of style that works well for your face, and i really like your tattoos. do you do any art or design?

2003-04-28 22:03:10 ET

yeah...i design jewelry. here is one of my designs:

2003-04-28 22:14:36 ET

very good...keep it up.

2003-04-29 09:54:44 ET


2003-04-29 10:08:48 ET

give me a tatoo idea for my other arm.
one arm has betty boop all punk rocked out with four shadows of punks in the background and a puppy sitting beside betty. she;s sitting on a brick wall. but i dont know what to do for the other arm, u seem all creative and all that jazz, and i want a good idea for something kick ass for my other upper arm.

2003-04-29 10:10:29 ET

i just made you a buddy...har har har...don't know why i have not done that yet....you should get some traditional tattoos....like a pin p girl...a pirate girl would rock...i need some traditional tattoos....

2003-04-29 10:13:28 ET

a pin p girl eh??
a pirate girl woudl be snazzy. yarr! i've been pirate napped before but i kicked that guys ass before he got to try anything funny. hah. my friend steph has a kick ass tatto on one of her arms. its of this chick who looks so real, not like a cartoon, with a pink hawk and her face has all this detailed shading in it and shit cause she works at a tatto place so i guess they did an extra good job on her.

2003-04-29 10:14:27 ET

having friends who tattoo is a plus...most of mine have been free

2003-04-29 10:24:40 ET

yea i only met her two months ago though, and my last tattoo was a year ago, so i haven't got to get any discounts yet. but i still haven't coloured my betty boop one yet, so i figure i can get her to do it. how many do ya have anywho?
haha i added u to my buddy list!

2003-04-29 12:30:12 ET

yeah i have 10 tattoos....but i NEED more.

2003-04-29 13:01:07 ET

lol. I want some..!

2003-04-30 10:39:57 ET

10 eh? thats awsome. i only have two so i need 8 more to catch up to ya! haha

2003-05-04 13:54:56 ET

what do you use in your hair? I usually use pomade and major hair spray to keep my girly pomp high but it's hard now cuz i still have some bangs left over from my bettie fetish period. wax? damn pomade is hard to wash out.

2003-05-05 20:18:35 ET

naw...i just use hairspray :)

2003-05-06 11:19:24 ET

Wowww, must take a lot.

2003-05-06 13:40:43 ET

not really...too much would weigh it down.

2003-05-06 18:14:36 ET

I tried liberty spiking my hair once, and it wouldn't stay up with just hairspray.. any tips on how to keep it up then?!

2003-05-07 06:50:59 ET

get the right brand...freeze it or pump it up gold....and use a hair dryer...hold yuor hait up...spray it...the blow it till the spray is dry...put more spray at your roots and less at the top...that way you create a strong base and a light weight top. :)

2003-05-07 11:25:06 ET

ooh, thanks

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