2003-04-28 20:52:34 ET

i am bored out of my fucking skull!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GGGRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i wish kyle would come home. damn.

2003-04-29 10:05:19 ET

yea i hate boring days.
thank god for good movies.

2003-04-29 10:07:05 ET

damn i want to watch a movie....my cable sucks

2003-04-29 10:16:08 ET

u got any good ones?

2003-04-29 10:17:38 ET

lots of frankenstein moves...i love frankenstein....hummm i could watch evil dead...i love that movie too...pakita maria sanchez hahahhahaha

2003-04-29 10:29:30 ET

evil dead rocks.
i've never seen the frankenstein movies...yet.
ya cheesy 80 horror movies are the best. the dentist, evil dead and all that jazz. i've got a tape full of like 20 minute long horror movies that i taped off tv one night. they're so good. they're short rip offs of 80s movies that i guess were never bugeted enough to make the movie theaters. hah. i wanna download house of a thousand corpes sometime, my friend did and said it was alright. good comidies are good too. like 'dirty work' have u seen that one?

2003-04-29 12:31:28 ET

no i have not seen dirty work...i worked as a movie projectionist for 5 years too, but never watched too many novies...horror is my favorite though...i have a pretty cool horror movie encyclopedia...it rocks.

2003-04-30 10:42:02 ET

ah man, u should rent dirty work though, i promise you u'll laugh ur ass off. hah i dont own any horrors except for one tape. i wish i had more

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