2003-04-29 10:00:09 ET

when kyle got home we had the best sex ever. roar. damn. my boyfriend rocks. evidence exhibit a:

anyone is the KC area should come see the vexd play on the 7th at the replay....10th and mass in lawrence...we put on a good show...i promise. mike will mostlikely bleed somehow.

someone im me i am bored xfrankenstein78x

2003-04-29 10:04:42 ET

u guys look like a kick ass couple...i bet the sex is pretty hot. rawr! haha. how long have u 2 been together?? thats not the old boyfriend is it? im watching maury povitch..haha some 20 year old is finding out who the father of her 4 children are..haha what a slut.

2003-04-29 10:08:22 ET

hahah i love those talk shows...they crack me up...how the hell could you not know who fathered your children...

kyle and i have been together since jan....so no it is not the ild boyfriend....we broke up in like september/october.

2003-04-29 10:20:55 ET

i know eh, i figure anyone who is only 20 and doesn't know who her kids dads are, and has to pick between like 8 fathers of her children should have her "snatch" stappled shut! haha thats my theory.
yea i was just checking if thaT was the same boyfriend as before, cause i was thinking "damn, he really turned hot!" thats kick ass though, u 2 look really into eachother.
talk shows are grand. yea we steal cable (shhhhh) so there's usually a talk show or two on. jerry springer and jenny jones are my favorite cause they're the least classy!

2003-04-29 10:22:57 ET

hahahah stappled shut.thats a good un hahahahahahha....get the staple gun!

2003-04-29 10:31:00 ET

haha its a good idea though!
cause no guy is gonna want to sleep with a chick when her cunt is stappled shut, except for maybe one or two guys. and that way if she gets pregnant she'll know who the father is.

2003-05-06 11:28:54 ET

i want some sexin!

my man lives overseas so that's kinda impossible.


2003-05-06 13:41:20 ET

that sucks...i would hate to live far away from my boy.

2003-05-06 13:43:26 ET

yeah but when we see each other...


the sexins that boy will get..


2003-05-06 13:48:07 ET

hahah yes...that always make for good sex.

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