2003-05-12 08:41:26 ET

well kyle and i were going to go have a fun day together and have lunch...go do laundry and take pix while we were doing it...but i can't wake him up. this is nothing new...i am sure he will still be in bed asleep when i go to work at 5. i just have to get this shit done and can't wait anymore since it is almost 1 pm. sigh. i was looking forward to our laundry date :'( i am hungry but don't want to eat...i will get a little something i suppose.

2003-05-13 12:00:13 ET

shit, yea guys are hard to wake up.
i can sit there and tickle my boyfriends feet and smack him with a pillow and he still wont move unless he wants to. i've been sleeping in till noon now that school is over..i love it. just in time to watch jenny jones

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