2003-05-19 00:09:52 ET

so it is 4 am....and i have been waiting up for hours because i wanted to hang out with my boyfriend tonight because i am going to california for a week next week, but he would rather watch the simpsons with someone named jessie. well all i have to say is fuck you jessie. whoever the hell you are, i hope you rot in hell. why? because it is your fault i don't get to see kyle, and it is your fault that i am not important, and it is your fault i get no sleep...because i fucking have to be at work in 7 hours now and i stayed up even though i was tired FOR FUCKING NOTHING.

god damn i am so worthless it is not even funny. why do i keep joking with myself and lying to myself?

2003-05-19 02:23:53 ET


shouldve danced with me at ac's!!

2003-05-20 09:36:50 ET

Awww. Sounds like your boyfriend's an idiot. Kick him in the head.

2003-05-23 09:26:35 ET

thats queer.
i'll admit the simpsons are great, but not worth missing time with ur girlfriend/boyfriend over. u should make plans with him right before u go away and then cancel last minute and say u cant come out cause ur watching "will and grace" hahah that'll make him feel like pure shit that ur missing time with him for a gay show. oh yes! brillant! ur not worthless, ur grand! if i was a man named kyle going out with u i'd miss every episode of the simpsons forever for u! hahah unfortunatly im a chick named michelle, but in short, ur not worthless, ur greeeeeeat!

2003-06-10 20:30:33 ET


2003-06-10 20:33:25 ET

i second that...

2003-06-12 10:11:58 ET


2003-06-26 14:33:57 ET

um... good to know?

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