2003-05-25 17:07:54 ET

sometimes i just want to die.

2003-05-25 18:14:15 ET

as do I sometimes.. it sux...i'm not so much wanting to die to day.. I just want to crawl in an underground cave away from the people who insist on knocking me down when I'm happy just because they aren't.

2003-05-25 18:21:22 ET

yeah people suck, but i am my own worst enemy...a cave would do me fine at the moment as well.

2003-05-25 18:27:36 ET

I make myself unhappy alot.. get myself into situations to make my life shittier then it should be. Always have to do it and find out the hard way.

A cave would be really nice... you could get some good sleep in one also. I sleep well in dark places.

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